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Factory authorized to install and repair telephone entry systems in LA, Orange and Ventura county since inception. We've installed thousands of systems all over the city and have been using iconic brands such as Doorking, Elite Gates, Linear and Liftmaster to compliment your home, building or business. Some of these brands and models stayed the same since the 70's because they work, and work flawlessly. Yes we install more modern, advanced system as well but for the most part time-tested is the best brand of all. Whether you're in Beverly Hills, the Valley or Westlake Village - call us today so we can come out to repair your existing telephone entry or install a new one for you.  


Telephone entry systems are split into a few groups. The first of which is residential gate systems, where we offer standard telephone line or Wifi based systems with options such as a built in camera to monitor who's at the gate, entry codes and do not disturb modes.  For residential buildings and commercial facility we offer PC programmable system with the ability to add card readers so you can see who came in and out and when as well as the ability to add and delete tenants and access code over the internet. Call us today to have our guys go over which system best suited for your application.


Phones not ringing? your guests can't hear you? the codes don't open the gate or door? those are just a few of the issues telephone entry systems experience when they get older or when the installation was not done properly. 

We have the best technicians of any company in LA and Orange to troubleshoot these problems and make sure you're up and running in no time. These repairs can be very intricate and are gate specific so don't take a chance with someone you don't know or a standard electrician as some of them can cause more harm then good. Give us a call and we'll send someone out asap. 


The advantage is obvious. No phone bill, no monthly fees, no major trenching and the ability to receive a call on an app and view who's at the gate. Every year more and more advances are made where people can enjoy the freedom of monitoring their gates and allow or deny access to visitors no matter where they are in the world. No longer do you have to be at home to open your gate with a Wifi gate access system. Send us a picture of your gate today and we'll quote the new system for you via email. We look forward to working with you!

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There are several types of telephone entry systems. 

Standard systems do not have to have an active telephone line from the phone company but with it you can use the call forward feature so you can answer the gate wherever you are.


They ring your home with a special double-ring so you can then choose whether to answer the phone and open the gate or not. 


The more advanced systems work on WiFi and allow you to control your gate via an app and even see who's at the gate.  



DKS 1812 Standard system with a keypad so you can give out codes to others or guests can push the ring button and the phones inside your home will alert you that someone is at the gate.

bft wifi.png

ITALIA wifi system doesn't utilize or needs a standard telephone line. This system will ring your phone and provide you with a picture of who's at the gate with the built in camera. The keypad allows you to give out unique codes to make this a perfect all-around system. 


Linear RE1 is a beauty. This system is the #1 choice for architects and modern homes. Standard features with voice prompts and CCTV capability. 


We offer telephone entry systems for small, medium or large apartment buildings and complexes


The systems are designed to dial a pre-programmed telephone numbers that can be viewed on a paper directory or an electronic display.

Smaller systems are normally programmed on site, at the built-in keypad and the larger systems are done over the internet or a local PC


We can integrate card readers into the entry system to eliminate codes and remotes if possible.



DKS 1837 is an 8 line LCD and using the remote account manager allows you to add or delete codes, phone numbers and transmitters online. The go to unit for high-end facilities  


DKS 1802 is best in class. Has all the features of the big boy systems in a compact package. 1 line LCD to scroll through the tenants makes your building looks up to date and modern.

doorking 1810.png

DoorKing 1810 has a paper directory for easy handling. Inexpensive and solid system. This is a system you can rely on for many years without having major computer skills or knowledge

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